perjantai 1. elokuuta 2014

Skeletal remains

I have not been in a mood for sewing so I've been doing other crafty things. Like renewing old heels that I had bought from a friend two years ago but never used myself since they were too simple for my taste. The shoes were originally 29.90 € from Seppälä but I paid less than half of that. I tried selling them but it is really difficult to be able to find a buyer that has foot as large as 41. Good thing the shoes were in great shape so they actually don't look second hand.

Most of the time I had no idea what I was doing since this was only my second time using Fimo. The first was few days ago so I'm really no experienced. So tool that I used black Fimo crafting mass, super glue and silver acrylic paint.

I'm really pleased with the finished shoes. Even thought in the middle of the project I was ready to give up. I'm really not good at shaping crafting mass. I painted the black fimo with silver paint to look more dated and to pop up more.

It seems this weeks theme has been renewing old and used stuff and learning new crafting skills.

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  1. Ihan tajuttoman hieno lopputulos! En jotenkaan osannut edes ajatella että askartelumassasta olisi kenkätuunailuihinkin ^__^