sunnuntai 17. elokuuta 2014

Tops for fall?

Well not really since they are not warm enough to be worn when the weathers get colder but I did them anyways. I can always wear them with a cardigan.

Well fall subjects put to side I made new tops again. Who would have guessed? And of course with "slight" harness/bondage details.

I made the black one first but then I liked the shape of it so much that I made a second one with slight changes. The straps are fake leather that I had bought from Karnalux from Estonia. I just ordered the last 100 meters of this strap from there so that I won't run out as fast as last time.

I bought this sliver/grey/black fabric from Abakhan fabrics which is also located in Estonia. I really like their fabrics and especially the prices aren't too high. This fabric happened to be in mixed fabrics bin.  I still have small piece of this left so we will see what I'll create out of it. I has no idea what it will turn into.

So I made this black version from left over fabric from my previous dress projects. 
I had to but a seam in the top front part because I didn't have enough fabric left.

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