torstai 10. heinäkuuta 2014

Etsy products, fleamarket and closet cleaning.

 Finally I have listed more items to to Etsy for sale. There are products that have been a collaborative project with blogger Bones & Lilies. Also there is lots of my own products for sale. Buy fast since some of the items are limited.

I should do some closet cleaning and sell some items from my own collection since I still have lots of items to buy for the apartment. 

Good thing I made small but really nice flea market find yesterday.  The mirror frame was originally copper colored but not for long... It cost only 1 €. There was a second one identical to this one but I decided to buy only one. Now I keep thinking maybe I should have bought that one too. 

These lovely shoes that I bought today are so gorgeous. And they were on sale and in my size. Usually when items are in sale 41 is the first one to be out of stock so I rarely get to buy shoes that are on sale. Usually my shoes have lots and lots of studs and spikes so it is nice to have one pretty looking pair in my closet.

Lastly this is something I've been working on yesterday. It is made out of faux leather with small buckles in the sizes so you can adjust the size. It does not fit well my mannequin because the mannequin is oddly shaped. :(
What do you think about this item? Is it something you would buy?

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