keskiviikko 13. elokuuta 2014

Spine dress

Last night I started making this amazing dress for me. 
It is made out of 2,8 meters of cotton jersey. So it actually takes that much of fabric to make this dress. I bought only 2 meters and I had to make a seam between the pleats. You can't see the seam but it would have been better to make it out of continuous piece of fabric. It took me 6 hours to finish this front section! It was pain to make the pleats because it was soooo boring and my neck and shoulders were killing me.

I really wanted to make this dress in dark grey and the store did have dark grey in the quality and quantity that I needed. I bought the last of this fabric and that's why I did not have enough. There was lighter version of almost same kind of jersey but it was 5 €/meter more expensive so this dress would have costed much more to make.

The dress does not fit the mannequin properly since it does not have arms or even proper shoulders it the dress seems to be a bit loose but it isn't really. At least on me.

I'm really pleased with the finished dress and can't wait to get to use this. And also I need take few pictures of me wearing this beauty.

 I was going to leave the back just blank but Mr. Grumpy said that I can't let be that boring since the front has so much going on. And he was right. So I made the back with this spine looking pleated thing.

Stuff that you can't see it the picture are small shoulder pads that I made. Also small zipper on the side. I know the fabric is jersey and does not really need a zipper but the front of the dress does not stretch because the pleats.

I'm really inspired to use this technique to make a another dress, a skirt and a jacket with the spike in the back. I'm in dire need of more fabric. 

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