torstai 14. elokuuta 2014

Harness yet again.

  I'm actually starting to think I have some sort of fixation for harnesses. Well I don't mind. I know they might look quite S&M for regular day wear but I don't care. 

The harness is separate piece. I was going to slightly sew the harness to the dress from the sides but I noticed that it was much easier to get into the dress it they were separates. I never do just tube type of dresses but this time I did because the harness has already so much going on.

The harness is real leather that I bought from Eurokangas Outlet. Same leather that I used last week or the week before that for the waist belt. The size is slightly adjustable because of the 4 buckles in the front.

I putted rubber band inside the top part of the dress so that it would stay up properly and I would not have to keep pulling up the dress all the time. I was afraid of it sliding down because the jersey that I used was quite heavy. I tried the dress and it didn't seem to fall even a little bit. Yay!

And then I wanted to make very simple top with O-ring detail to give it small bondage feel to it. I wanted to keep this top extremely simple for regular day wear. Again I used viscose jersey because I like the feel and stretchiness of it. Well not much to say about this top because it is so simple but I wanted to show it to you guys anyways.

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