maanantai 18. elokuuta 2014

Steampunk day

I made this steampunk themed hair clip for me to wear in TAFF: Tampere Fetish Factory event. I'll be selling my products there so be sure to be there.
Here's a link to the events website:

For this hair clip I used most random stuff that mom brought me for this project. I painted them with copper colored acrylic paint. The button was from a vintage dress that I remember seeing at my home when I was a child.

I still have small amount of this snake print fake leather so I could do few to be sold at TAFF. I just need to find more random stuff to make them even more cool looking.

 I wanted to make a dress with a simple cut so that I could use the buckles. I had mane buckles that did not have a pair so I was a great chance to use them. In the top part I used weird metal thing and I have no idea what it is supposed to be but it looks cool so who cares. 

There is a zipper in the back to help putting the dress on. I did not want to make the dress too short because I need to be able to sit for hours in this dress. 

 I made this steampunk themed vest for sale. The vest does not fit the mannequin properly because the mannequin does not have arms or proper shoulders. The vest is supposed to fit loosely on the shoulders but not as much as on the mannequin. There is small snap hooks on the sides. 
Fits size S and price is 40 € + shipping.

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