perjantai 7. maaliskuuta 2014

Time to Shop

Now you can buy some products at Ateljeekatu at Tampere.

I wish I had more space to show my creations but because there is lot of other peoples products in the same small space it is not possible. :/
Most of the clothes as unique and one of a kind so go and find something nice. Or contact me for something made just for you. :) Good thing is that you can easily pic out the ones are made by me because 95% of them happened to be black. (I am the night!) I think I had only one dark red dress and one beige waterfall cardigan some white tops and few grey tops.
During the spring I'll be making more products and taking them to Ateljeekatu but in two weeks I'll be leaving the country and heading towards Tokyo!!! We will see if the colorful Harajuku will have any kind effect to the blackness of my designs.