keskiviikko 6. elokuuta 2014

Gothic splatter

I do this kind of clothes very rarely that come so close to the neck. I don't know if I'm afraid of getting chocked or what but not everything has to be so open and sexy. So I decided to make one. 

Collar has smocking on the side seams. There is small elastane inside. Also I decided to continue the smocking on the shoulders. I wanted to keep this dress very simple so that I can wear it with a wide belt or big necklaces. And since the fabric has already so much going on it is not good good to add so much different shapes to it but that's just my opinion.

The fabric is stretchy cotton jersey. I really like the print but it does not like to be stretched too much or the print will crack. So I had to take notice of this while cutting the fabric to make it slightly bigger than I usually would. 

Once again this fabric was found from Eurokangas fabric bins. I make great finds from those but the only problem is that they are usually just small pieces and you will not be able to find more of it. 

With the cross necklace it seems to be very Gothic but it looks totally different with other accessories. This dress would also look good made out of just plain viscose jersey or maybe with my logo on top...hmm.....

I once again wanted to use the left over fabric usefully and made a beanie out of it. Beanies are great for the fall and spring.
This beanie will for sale at Ateljeekatu.

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