tiistai 5. elokuuta 2014


Yesterday evening was interesting since I went to the movie theater with Mr. Grumpy. The theater room was empty it was just us two. Kinda spooky but also kinda cool. It did not mater if we ate candy and the packaging made noise.

I've wanted this kind of shirt for a while now. There is lots of them in Etsy but I rather do it myself. Finally last night I decided to make one. Just before leaving for the theater I managed to shred this shirt and wear it to the theater. It took almost 3 hours to shred this shirt but I think it was time well spend and quite therapeutic at the same time. 

I did the same thing for 2 sleeveless tops in the back side. They are not yet done since I'm going to put a print in the front. The other one is going to have 2 praying skeletons and the other one is going to have deer antlers. 

I wanted to keep this shirt simple so that I can accessorize it with like a long necklace and earrings. Yesterday I wore it with short shorts and sandals.

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