sunnuntai 3. elokuuta 2014

Housewarming party and flea market finds

Me and Mr. Grumpy had Housewarming party yesterday with few close friends. 
Tii had made a special super cool chocolate on chocolate on chocolate cake for us. Cake was really tasty and good thing there is still little bit of it left in the fridge for me to eat later. We got really nice housewarming presents from people even thought it was not necessary for anyone to bring anything.

This has been a great summer for making great flea market finds. I bought this 120 cm x 170 cm carpet for 15 €!!! It seems to be quite new. Again I was supposed to selling my own stuff at Sorsapuisto and not buying more!! Well I did need a carpet so it really wasn't wasted money. 

I think my office still needs some art or picture frames in the walls. Hmm.. In Löytöliiteri there were  few grey deer heads for sale. They were made out of some sort of clay but they weren't too heavy. Those would be nice painted white. Also I'm planing on painting the clothing rack white. Obviously the theme seems to be white and black with slight rococo feeling and few owls and deers.
I might still need to move some furniture around to make the space much more practical.
Soon I'll be able to take pictures of the whole office. Well as soon as I feel like I'm done with this project.

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