keskiviikko 28. toukokuuta 2014


I have one of these in stock ready to shipped out in size M. It can be made in any size. Price: 35 € + shipping. I was going to make more of them today but I did not have enough the O-rings. Then I was gonna go to the store to buy more but for some weird reason the store is not open on Wednesdays.  I guess I need to wait till Friday. :(

I also have few dress projects today but I can't finish them today because I totally forgot to buy zippers yesterday. I've been really forgetful lately. The fabric that I'm using for the dresses is really interesting. I looks like sequins but it is actually digital print fabric. Of course it does not have the same kind of shiny feel to it but I don't mind. This is so much better than actual sequin fabric because It does not scratch your skin.

I'm keeping the dress shape very simple so that I can wear lots of accessories with it. It will be a nice party dress that can be worn in weddings or graduation party or something like that. 
 I think I want to make some kind of hair piece to go with these dresses. Maybe a headband with lace or roses or pearls. We will see....
I'll post pics when I do get the dresses done. 

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  1. Saanen kysäistä mistä kaupasta ostat niitä O renkaita? Tarvitsisi vähän itsekkin mutten ole törmännyt vielä. :D
    Tosi kiva harnessi kyllä!