lauantai 9. elokuuta 2014

Rogue goes business

For some reason I wanted to make a vest with zippers on the waist. The vest ended up looking quite "formal" well as formal as I can look but I don't really mind. My vision wasn't quite clear at the fabric store. And mostly the problem always seems to be that even if your plans are done you are never going to find the exact kind of fabric that you were visioning of using.

  Also I had tough time deciding want kind of collar I wanted to make. I wanted the fabric to have some kind of texture on it and I found this. Not exactly what I wanted since the fall fabrics have not yet arrived to Eurokangas. I used thin cotton for lining since I did not want to use regular lining fabric. I don't like the feel of it because it is so slippery.

The fabric was 17,90 €/meter I managed to make this out of 0,7 meters. The cotton fabric was 6,90 €/meter and I needed this fabric 0,4 meters. And the zippers were 3,85 € a piece and I used 2 of those.
So with my calculations the full amount was 23 €

Since I had such trouble deciding what kind of collar to make on this one I decided that I'm going to make another one for the fall and winter. It is going to look whole lot different. Only thing that is going to look same is the bottom part. I'm planing on making it out of one cool wool blend fabric that I saw at Eurokangas. I'm going to add either real or fake leather. The front is going to be solid and there is going to be high collar. 

This morning I also made this leather strap dress. It has smocking on the shoulders and on the bottom part of the dress on the sides. The fabric is some sort of stretchy viscose blend. I really like the feel of the fabric. I spray painted the buckles since I was not able to find black buckles anywhere. The back side of the dress also has V-shaped neckline.

Tomorrow I'll be selling my personal items at Hämeenpuisto Puisto Fiesta flea market from 11.00 till I don't know yet. If you have time please come and see my flea market table since I really want to sell some stuff and clear out some closet space... Lots of jewelry, clothing and shoes.

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