lauantai 2. elokuuta 2014

Feeling crafty

Same crafty theme seems to be continuing this morning that has going for the whole week. 
I've trying to find this kind of belt for a long time. I was able to find this kind of belt in Etsy but it was brown and I wanted it in black. 

So I had to make it myself. The belt is adjustable so it can be worn in the waist or in the hips. I was able to find the black leather from Eurokangas Outlet that is located in Ideapark in Lempäälä. The leathers in there are 50 €/kg. And most of them are really thick and not bending well. 

There was one suede leather that caught my attention. Usually I don't like the look of suede leathers but that one looked and felt really nice. Now I just hate myself since I did not buy it.  
I wish they also would have leathers in Tampere but nope.
Well I might take another bike trip to Ideapark and go get it before it is gone forever.

The buckles and small studs (in the back side) are from Ebay.

This top I made out of left over fabrics that I had. The front is mesh and the back and the straps are viscose tricot. I wanted to make this top a bit more loose that I usually make. 

 More harnesses. Why? Because I can. 
I made the front leather part out of my mother's over 20 years old hand bag.
It is so cool how you can do so much new things out of old things. I just wish I was more creative and seeing the potential of old things.

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