perjantai 22. elokuuta 2014

Spine jacket

My jacket project from few days ago. I didn't have the time to post pictures about it earlier. I have no idea where all my time has gone. I think this will be great for fall weathers since I did make the jacket so that it is fully lined.

I used the same pleating technique than last week on my projects. I used some left over fabric that I had. I hope I would have had more so that I would have been able to fill the whole back with the pleating. I decided to make pockets to the jacket to add something but they are not real just pockets and can not be used. 

Sadly the fabric had some defects on it because it was the end of a fabric roll. Good thing the fabric has such obscure print so that you are really not able to see the defects. The fabric is from Tekstiilipalvelu. I think they had this fabric in two other colors. The other one was really nice wine red and the print was in black. I have no memory of the price. I think next time I go there I really need to buy the red one since it was so pretty color. I have no idea what I could make out of it but I think I would figure something out when the time comes.

Because the front has the metal zipper I felt the back side also needed some metal details thereby I added the flat round studs. I would have liked to add small zippers to the the cuffs but since I did not have them at home I felt too lazy to ride my bicycle to the store yet again. I really should write everything down that I need to buy from fabric stores and remember to actually look at the notes while I'm there.

I started my winter coat project today so that I'll be ready for colder weathers when they come. The coat will be grey wool and black real leather with big loose collar. We'll see next week how my project ends.

Also I bought today black fabric for my second pleated dress project. This one will be black and I will have slightly different shape. I have no idea when I'll have time to start it but hopefully tomorrow or Sunday. Tomorrow again I'll be at Ateljeekatu if somebody wants to visit.

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  1. Näyttäviä laskoksia ja kiva kaulus!

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