sunnuntai 24. elokuuta 2014

Sundays are for Steampunk.

This Sunday has been dedicated for making products for TAFF. Good thing that I still have two weeks to make more products for sale. I don't know yet how much or even what I'll be making. 
Oh did somebody say they want leg harnesses? We'll see if I get inspired to make few different kinds for sale.

I has small amount of the metallic red vinyl so I made these two collars. They are different sizes. There is black press stud in the front for closure. I think I might make few of these in black if somebody is interested. 
These are 15 € a piece.

I took a challenge and made my first pair of nipple pasties. I think they came out very nicely. Don't you think? Of course I made these also with the same steampunk theme in mind. 
These will be 15 € a pair.

Then I started making this hair clip for me even thought I already had one made. I don't know yet which one I like more. Or maybe I should make a third one with this shape and out of that brown fake snake print leather. Well haven't decided yet but if I end up making a third one this also will be for sale. I really like all of these and it is making me wonder why I haven't made any before. Or why doesn't my closet have any brown colored clothing and accessories.

And how does this day end? Well my finger tips have glue all over so much that it feels very weird to write with my laptop. I have copper and black colored paint all over my hands and of course my hands smell very metallic. Good job. Yeah I should really practice this sort of crafts. 

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