torstai 31. heinäkuuta 2014

More sneak peeks

 Yesterday I went fore a bike trip to Ideapark in Lempäälä with Mr. Grumpy. 
Ideapark is about 16,5 kilometers away from out apartment. Not too long way but the road is quite bumpy and it is mostly uphill the whole way there. Good thing we left around 9.00 in the morning so that it wasn's too hot yet. The way home was horrible since I had a terrible headache even thought I had been drinking water whole morning.

I was finally able to find Fimo soft crafting mass. The black small packets seemed to be out of stock everywhere. Well I was not able to buy a small packet but the larger ones were on sale -20%. I did not even notice that before I was at the cashiers. So it was a nice surprise. 

I made these small antlers. And now I'm thinking of using them in the fashion show next week. Then I better make two pairs more of these. Maybe even different sizes. 

I painted the black antlers with silver acrylic paint to make them look more "real". Also I made small scratches with a sewing pin for the same purpose. I really like the finished product. I have never used Fimo or anything similar so this was very experimental project.

Also little something that will be shown in my show. Snake skin print vest with spikes.

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