tiistai 26. elokuuta 2014

Fall is depressing

 Very simple shirt for fall. I made this out of the left over fabric that I had from my previous bondage top project. If somebody remembers.

I wanted to keep the shape simple so that it does not take the focus from the fabric. I had huge problems on deciding between big loose collar or big loose hood. So because I've been making lots of tops with the hood I ended up going the collar.

If the fabric would not have been so see through I would have made this a dress. I think that would have been the best option for this project. And I think I would have more usage for a dress.
Not to worry since it will be nice to wear this with a pair of pants or a skirt. I think I might put a belt on top of this to give it something extra.

I still have small amount of this fabric so I think it will be some sort of front side of a top. I need to try draw something if I would get some ideas for it.

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