torstai 18. syyskuuta 2014


Finally I got to post pictures of my caged project. I made the dress almost 2 months ago but I wanted to post about it along with the top. 

I found this cool fabric from Abakhan fabrics which is located at Estonia. The print looks really cool but quite dominating so I did not want to make the clothes look too much. I had tough time to decide what kind of clothes I want to make out of this fabric since I just bought it in spur of the moment because it looked cool.

 The fabric has a lot of stretch to it so it is really comfortable on.

The top has grey real leather on the shoulders and back. I had bought the leather piece around 3 years ago from Eurokangas. I think they were 50 €/kg so not too cheap. I think I'd still accessorize this top with long necklace.

 I made the dress look really simple so that I can wear it with belts. Maybe I should have been more creative with this dress but I was only thinking what would be nice and simple to wear while running errands.

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