lauantai 16. elokuuta 2014

Fall is coming

I know it is sad that summer went so fast yet again.. And what's even more sad I spend most of my time indoors. Okay I was doing what I like but still so sad.

Well we can't run from the fact that fall is coming and I need to start thinking about fall clothing. This nice knitted grey fabric is from Eurokangas 14,90 €/meter. I wanted to make really simple cardigan to wear on to of my awesome tops.

I do have many cardigans that have the same cut but not in grey. They all happen to be surprise surprise black so I wanted to do something different well at least something different for me.
They are so easy to wear and they look cool open or with a belt on top.

I did put small spikes on the shoulders so that it does not look all that boring. They are acrylic and are hand sewn. I had trouble deciding between silver and gunmetal spikes but as you can see I ended up choosing the silver spikes.

Out of the left over fabric I made 2 beanies like this. I already sold one at Ateljeekatu and the other one is still waiting for a buyer in there. Price: 15 €

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