torstai 21. elokuuta 2014


This morning I decided to make headbands that I did no have time to make for Lumous Dark Market. So here they are. They are embroidered and sewn on to the headband. I only have 1 on each but I can make more upon a request. The headbands don't sit well for the mannequin head because it is smaller than normal sized woman's head.

The skully takes the most time to make so that's why it is the most expensive version. 
Price: 25 € + shipping

 The butterfly version is much cuter. So if you like to dress up cutely this is for you. 
Price: 20 € + shipping.

 The bat version is for those goth girls that really like lace and bats. Well this has both.
Price: 15 € + shipping

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