tiistai 25. marraskuuta 2014

Birthday give away!

1st of December Rogue will be 1 year old. 
This year has been great and gone way too fast. I've done many interesting customer orders and had few photo shoots and been to few fairs. Hopefully next year will be bigger and even better.

 I'm going to have a give away of Rogue products!
The draw will be done on 10th of December. I will call out the winner in Rogue Facebook page so that I'll be able to get the address for the shipping from the lucky winner. 
It does not matter where you are from so anybody can join.

The give away will be:
Insect necklace, long chain cross earrings and bird skull hair clip.

Few simple ways to join the lottery to win this birthday give away. 
1. Become a reader to this blog.
2. Like the Rogue Facebook page.
3. Share this post/blog in Facebook.

Also Christmas is just around the corner and I hope every body has already ordered their Rogue products for Christmas. Great presents for loved ones would be harnesses, beanies, tops, skirts, jewelry or tote bags so I advice you to check the blog and Facebook page carefully for unique items.
I still have time to make more items and send them in time for Christmas. Also you can send a request if you have something specific in mind.

If you are interested reading more about new products, my personal obsessions and life. Please click and become a reader. You can also follow me on facebook: www.facebook.com/roguebytiinaulkuniemi or instagram: http://instagram.com/rogue195
 or Model Mayhem: http://www.modelmayhem.com/2036281
And you can buy my products from: www.etsy.com/shop/Roguestore
Also I would like to hear what kind of posts you would like to read? Today's outfit, making of or/and current obsessions.

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  1. Tykätty, tykätty ja jaettu mun frillycakes-facebook sivulla! ^___^

    Kaikenlaiset postaukset on kivoja, vaikka härpäkkeiden tekemisprosessista, asut on aina mahtavia ja materia on ihanaa! ❤

    ~ Frillycakes ~

  2. Pitääpä jatkossa kuvailla enemmän siis myös keskeneräisiä projekteja niin saa postattua niistä.

  3. Tuplatykätty of course ja jaettu molemmissa. :P
    Mä myöskin tykkäilen noista keskeneräisistä jutuista, vaikka esim. juuri vaiheiden kuvailu inspiraation iskiessa helposti kyllä unohtuukin.

  4. Tykkäilty on! :)

    Samaa mieltä edellisten kanssa. Making of -postaukset olisivat kyllä tosi innostavia!

  5. Liityin lukijaksi, tykätty & jaettu Facessa! :)

    Mä tykkään asupostauksista.