perjantai 15. elokuuta 2014

Spine skirt and new product

I ended up making the skirt that I said I would. I wanted to make it out of black cotton jersey but Eurokangas had none of quality that I needed. So I used something that I already had in my storage.  The fabric has slight snake skin type surface. I had bought this fabric from Euronkangas on my previous visit to there. I really like the finished skirt and I'm glad I ended up using this fabric and not just regular black fabric. The fabric slightly looks like leather in the finished product. 

This skit was much faster to make since I make the pleats wider than in the grey dress. In the dress they were 1 cm wide and in this on they are 1.5 cm. I took around 1,5 hours to make the pleats in the skirt. Of course the skirt is much shorted than the dress so I did not have to do as many pleats anyways. But when you make the pleats wider it much faster but also not as awesome. But I think the skirt ended up looking amazing and I can't wait to be able to wear it in public.

There is small zipper in the back to help putting the skirt on. I also putted 3 cm wide rubber band in the waist to stiffen it. I wanted the waist to have slight stretch.

I really want to make a jacket with this technique since I have not yet bulled my hair out. But that happens to mean new trip to Euronkangas before I go to Ateljeekatu today. I'll be there till 17.00 if you want to visit.

Here's small close up of the pleats.

Last night I made these new cross earring available for you. They are 10 € + shipping / pair. 
I have only 4 pairs since I wanted to keep 1 pair to my self so these so they will run out fast. 
You can buy them from Etsy as soon as I list them. Also available at Ateljeekatu.

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