keskiviikko 31. joulukuuta 2014

Back to work

Did everybody have a nice Christmas?

Here's some of my favorite items that I got from my Christmas presents. The rest have either been already eaten or are already in use. The candy store jar we had to refill since we kinda already ate almost all of them.

For some reason everything seems to be silver.

I'm really loving my crown headband that was made by Mr. Grumpy's big sister.

Jewelry since you can never have too many necklaces. This necklace is made by one of my favorite Etsy sellers. It is real silver and is handmade.

Antler set was given to me by Misantrella and I already used them few times now. 

I've had few days of being lazy and eating chocolate as much as I possibly can. But I think that it is time to get back to my usual routine.

Oh yes I did it.
I made a white harness for me!

The shape is same as one that Didi Ou bought from me around a year ago. She has been using it like crazy so I had to make one for me too.

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