sunnuntai 7. joulukuuta 2014

My flea market findings

You can find great things from Facebook second hand community or actual flea markers or second hand from friends.

Yesterday I had alternative clothing swap day with friends. There was around 14 people at my apartment and everybody had brought huge bags of stuff with them. Rules were that you can swap something with a friend or you can sell it for cash.

Here's pics of few second hand items that I have bough in last few months.

Bracelet and necklace I bought yesterday from a friend for 8 € 

This necklace I also bought from a friend and it was 3 €. Of course I had to buy something with spikes.

 Too bad you can't see the front properly in this picture. The front is crocheted and distressed looking. I really like the big neckline. I paid 8 € for it.

 This cute dress for summer dress is by H&M but I paid 2 € for it. I think that it is quite cute. Maybe even too cute for me but I can always give it to my niece if I don't wear it.

For this gorgeous dress I paid 15 € the original price was 89.90 € in Nanso Shop. The design named SIIVET is by Katri Niskanen. 

I remember admiring this dress in the Nanso Shop window but I never had the money to buy it. I had totally forgotten the dress when I suddenly came across with it at the flea market. I almost ran to the cashiers since it seemed to be brand new.

From the same flea market trip I bought this little fur vest that is made by Seppälä and it was only 2 €.

Yesteday I bought this natural black wig from my friend. I really like the quality of the wig. Mr. Grumpy did not like it at all since I don't look like myself. 
I can always sell it if I don't use it. It was only 2 €.

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