sunnuntai 14. joulukuuta 2014

My workroom

I finally decided to show you my workroom. It is small yet comfy. I think it is still a work in progress. Since some things still need a bit adjusting. I think I do spend a lot of time in this room since my computer is here and I don't like mowing it.

I don't have a table where I could cut the fabric since I don't have the room for it so I just have to cut everything on the floor. I wish I had just one long L-shaped table where every machine could be side by side. But it would have to be custom made. So I have to work with what I got.

The curtains are made by me. I bought the fabric years ago from Anttila when I still lived in Seinäjoki. I think it was around 9 €/meter. I have actually 4 of these curtains and 2 of them are in my bedroom. 

The carpet I bought in August at park flea market for 15 €. It looks nice around 15 minutes right after you have vacuumed it and then it is full of hair and pieces of white and black thread. No wonder why it was so cheap.

Only a small portion of my clothes actually fits in to the clothing rack. Rest are in the cabinet and my walk-in closet.

This cute mirror I bought from flea market for only 1 €. It was originally copper colored so I fixed it with spray paint.

The two black round boxes I have bought from Kodin Ykkönen 5 years ago but I think they still have those. The big round box was found from a dumpster by my mom. I like it because it is big enought to hold all my fabric paints and printing screens. The clothing rack I bought from Misantrella and painted it white since it was trying to be black but wasn't really.

The picture frame I bought from a second hand store for 25 €. This week I finally bought an
office chair. I have had to use a garden chair ever since we moved here because I did not find an office chair that doesn't have arms, would fit to my budget, be comfy and look good before this one. My table has the drawers underneath so I can't move close enough to the table to actually do stuff.  
I bought it from Jysk for 45 € and it was on sale! I went to get it with my bicycle. It was a huge box but weighted 9 kg but I was able to tie it down. The only problem that I had was to be able keep my bike upright while tying the box down.

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