lauantai 13. joulukuuta 2014

All that glitter

Well I made this jacket last year but decided to change it this year. Originally it had a black belt in the waist. I did not like the belt and my plan was to find a better looking belt to go with the jacket but not many stores have "boob" belts anymore. I guess they went out of style. So I decided to remove the belt entirely and add the buckles. Originally the hem was also a bit wider but it looked a bit odd on me so I decided to make it more form-fitting. I was able to make these changes since Eurokangas still had this fabric. I only needed to buy 10 cm of the fabric.

The jacket does not sit properly on the mannequin since it is too loose for it. But it looks perfect on me. I love this glitter wool fabric. It is super expensive 59.00 €/meter but it looks great. Same fabric is also available in really nice looking fuchsia and rust red at Eurokangas. The buckles I bought from Tarvike Friman which is a wholesale store here in Tampere.

I don't even want to count how much everything coasted to make this jacket. Well at least I have a jacket now that has sleeves that are long enough for me since the store bought ones usually have sleeves that are 5-10 cm too short for me and I feel like a monkey with my long limbs.

The collar can be worn 2 ways. Well open and less open since it can't be closed all the way because of the spikes. I knew this while problem while placing the spikes but I never wear a jacket without any kind a scarf anyways so it does not matter.

The buckles had keys but I decided to make earrings out of them. :D

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