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Bag lady part 3

So it is last day of me having to take care of my nephew and as predicted I'm sick. My whole body feels like a noodle my throat is so sore that I don't want to eat anything or even talk. I hope I'll be able to function again soon since I'm not the type of being still for long when I'm sick. I think the craziest that I've done while I had quite high fewer was that I started cleaning my fridge. 

Yesterday evening I went to Joulubasaari at Telakka with Misantrella. And did some Christmas shopping. Well not actually since I bought items just for me. Reflective accessory by Nunnun that is my long lost second cousin. I hanged the accessory to my bag so that I don't get hit by a car since I'm usually dressed in black no surprise there. I also bought a pair of gorgeous earrings. The cardboard does not say who made them but they are laser cut wood and I had to pay only 5 € for them.

Yes I have made more of them yet again. I think I'm seriously going to be a crazy bag lady if I keep making these. Well actually I made them last week already but now I was able to post about them while my nephew is playing games with a tablet beside me.

I have no idea why I like this fabric so much. Even if it's a bit too retro for me even thought it is not actually retro print.
Price: 65 €. 
I have only 1 of these since I ran out of the fabric. So it is one of a kind! It is available at Ateljeekatu. I think it would make a great gift.

I know that it is yet again Ouija bag but it is slightly different shape. Short chunky chain that I think looks great with this bag. I have only one of them with the short chain since I didn't remember where I have placed the rest of the chain or if I even have more. I always buy more if somebody wants one with the short chunky chain rather than the long thinner one which I also need to buy more. :D
 Both versions are 65 € + shipping

This actual piece is for sale at Ateljeekatu. 

New coin pouch. For now I have only one for sale but I can make more since I have more of this fabric. Of course they will be slightly from different part of the print.
 Price 18 € + shipping

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