tiistai 16. joulukuuta 2014


So many ruffles... O__O

I know some of you might have seen this type of ruffle vest in my TAFF outfit post that I wore while selling my items in there. I really loved that vest so I decided to make more even thought they are pain in my butt to make since they are quite slow to make. But they do look great so it is worth all the trouble. 

Would you like for me to make them for sale?

I'm really loving this plum-red. This is not the only item that I have made using this color and more is coming. Yes you heard right. I said using color. I think it looks great with my hair color and of course my new MAC lipstick.

The fabric is Mallorca satin cotton with a slight stretch from Eurokangas. Price: 14,90 €/meter. I really like using this fabric since Eurokangas has it in quite many colors. This vest would look great in any color. For some weird reason I would like to make it in beige too.. eww.. I don't even like beige. Does that shock you too?

Okay lets forget what I just said about the beige and just look at the pretty pictures.

Of course I had to make it in black too.

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  1. Nämä ovat aivan ihania, vaikka varmasti työtä riittää laskoksissa! ♥