maanantai 15. joulukuuta 2014

Today's outfit

I'm waiting for my hair dye that I had ordered to arrive so that I could dye my hair again. I'm planing on mixing violet and clear Elumen to make the perfect hair dye for me. I don't know the right mixing ratio so either my hair is going to be white/silver or lavender. But I'll take my chances since either result is fine by me.

I wore something quick to run few errands today.

Cardigan: bought from a flea market for 2 €
Stud belt: second hand from Ebay
Dress: H&M modified by me
Skull necklace: Kreepsville
Cross earrings: by me
Leggings: Seppälä

I just love my new MAC lip stick that I bought on Saturday from Stockmann. My makeup was quite simple but I liked it.

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