sunnuntai 14. joulukuuta 2014


This fabric is sooooooo shineyyy..
 So spaceyyy.. 
I was planing on buying just regular college fabric maybe grey or white. But I accidentally came across with this one in the mixed jersey's bin at Eurokangas. And for once Mr. Grumpy actually agreed with me that this fabric is so crazy that I should buy it. I didn't too much off tracks since this still is college fabric. 

The fabric coasted around 14 € but I had -20% coupon which is really rare to have at Euronkangas so I paid around 11 €. I know I should have used to coupon more usefully. Since I could get whole lot more off if I was buying wool or something more expensive. But since I didn't have any need for those now I decided to use it for this one since the coupon is going to expire in two days.

I wanted to make a loose fitting sweater with my antler print. I just used my loose fitting holey knitted sweater that I had in my Saturday's outfit post as a pattern. Since I've been since for few days all I've been thinking is warm and comfy and casual clothing.

I was going to make the print with black but the had the idea to make it with white so that it doesn't pop up so much but it is still very much noticeable since it is matte white paint when dried up. 

 I think I'm going to have to wear it in very dim lighting since I might accidentally blind every one in the room.

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