sunnuntai 14. joulukuuta 2014

Saturday's outfit

I'm having trouble recognizing myself from these pictures. Mr. Grumpy said that I really don't look like me. He always has a problem if I look different from normal. The wig is actually plum-red/greyish tone and not brown like it looks like in the pictures.

We where going to do some Christmas shopping at Designtori at Pakkahuone. The weather was rainy so I didn't want to curl my hair because it would not stay curled after going out. So I decided to wear wig. Also I was still sick with the flu so I wanted to get ready fast. That is why my outfit is so simple and casual.

Spikey beanie: Cybershop
Holey sweater: Only
Cross necklace: Morticia
Rings: Kalevala (present from Mr. Grumpy)and Closet child
Skull earrings: Gina Tricot
Underneath the sweater I wore a simple dress by H&M that I had altered a bit by removing the sleeves.

I was able to leave from the Designtori without buying anything so that is always a plus for me. I did get nice ideas to make something for me. Actually we didn't find anything to buy from anywhere. After leaving Pakkahuone we went to Gringos Locos to eat since they had Canjun weeks. Food was delicious but I was feeling worse again so we went back home quite soon after eating. 

Also these shall be the last pictures of me with my lip piercing since I took it off today. Hopefully it will help me with my job hunting.

I also finally put some Christmas lights to our apartment. And Owlie cage got new purpose again since I had to take it down from my office ceiling since the light was not bright enough. 
I think our Christmas decorations are done. :D ..maybe me might light few candles.
Well I really would like a white spruce tree. But I doubt we are getting one.

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  1. I did the same thing, went to Designtori without buying anything and came back with some cool diy ideas. Let's hope they don't stay only as ideas and I'll actually make something someday soon!