sunnuntai 11. tammikuuta 2015

Winter coat part 2

How has everybody been?

I've been making lots of winter coats in last few weeks. Here's pictures of the first winter coat project of this year. I'll post about the other projects too. One project is still waiting for the metal military styled buttons to arrive.
Well I started making this year but ended up not finishing it. 
I was cleaning my closet I came across with this one and decided so finally finish it. It was only missing the belt so it didn't even take that long to finish the whole project. The front has a zipper. The collar is huge so you really don't need a scarf while wearing the coat. I was planing on making pockets but ended up not making them since I don't think that they would fit to the appearance of the coat. The coat is really warm. Perfect for really cold weathers. 
This coat is for sale at Ateljeekatu.

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