sunnuntai 18. tammikuuta 2015

Trying out

I was supposed to do lots of different things this weekend but I got almost nothing done because I didn't felt like sewing. So I've been just staring at my computer for two days. 
Yesterday I went to get new lens for my camera that I've been dreaming to get for few months now. Now I should be able to get better pics indoors in the dark. It is so hard to take pictures of black clothes with black details on a black mannequin in dim lighting. :/

Today I wanted to try out my new camera lens outside. The only problem was that Mr. Grumpy is a bad photographer and all most all pictures were blur because he did not focus them right did not know how to adjust the camera settings. These were the only two that were usable.

We took the pictures at Arboretum park which is quite close to where we live.

If somebody is wondering what corset I'm wearing in the pictures it is this one. I have it for sale with the newspaper print and the all black version. 
I have 2 available with the newspaper print in size 22". I'm not able to make more because I don't have more of this same fabric. I have also 2 of this black version available in size 22" but that one I'm able to produce in smaller or bigger size.

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