tiistai 6. tammikuuta 2015

Leggings workshop

I've been making new leggings even thought it is way to cold to be wearing anything like this outside. At least they are ready when spring finally comes. 

These are made out of stretchy jersey. The fabric is 11.90€/meter at Eurokangas. The suspender clips I ordered from Ebay. 

 I've wanted leggings like this since last year. Stretchy spandex PVC which is super shiney, super slipery, super shiney and super hot. I didn't want to buy them from Black Milk since they are quite expensive and I can make a pair myself. The fabric was around 15€/meter so not too bad.

 Well these aren't actually leggings but they fitted to this post. Some of you might have seen these before. I made them to my Halloween outfit. The "spikes" are awesome. The fabric is faux leather and was 15.90€/meter.

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