sunnuntai 25. tammikuuta 2015

Little black dress

How has everybody been? 

I have been crafting everything white O___o even thought everything in this post is black.
I've also have been busy with multiple custom orders.
So I haven't posted anything for few days.

I have had a drawing of this dress for over a year now so finally I made it since it has long sleeves and can be worn with cardigan. The dress has faux leather details in the front. The front also has a "peek hole" above the bust.

I wanted to buy this Black Milk so over you net dress for months now but ended up making one myself. I wanted to make one myself because I used viscose tricot instead of nylon like the Black Milk version is so that I don't need to keep pulling the dress down all the time. That is one big reason that I haven't bought too many Black Milk body con dresses because they keep climbing up.

I also wanted to make my version a bit longer because I ride my bicycle often. And the third difference is that I wanted to use mesh instead of fish net fabric.

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