maanantai 1. syyskuuta 2014

Sickness and samples

I've been sick with the flu for few days now. And it is not fun. I should be making products for sale but instead a sit computer all day just staring the screen. I really bad at staying in bed even thought I am sick. Good thing I still have few days to finish my products for TAFF.

But enough about that. Lots of sample items for sale!
These pictures were taken by Marjo Hakala and the models were me and Tii Mattila. There are still lots more pictures that look from my Rogue Facebook page.

This amazing looking faux leather dress I have tuned. The sides are stretchy thick jersey. Fits size S/M. Price: 160 € + shipping

 Leopard printer taffeta dress. Color shifts from orange to burgundy. Top part has spiral boning inside. Fits best size S. Waist max. 72 cm. Price: 160 € + shipping

 Grey jersey dress with edgy detail in the front and sleeves. Firs size S. 
Price: 100 € + shipping

 Chiffon top. I have 3 of these in stock ready to be shipped out. They are all size S. 
Price: 55 € + shipping

Also 1 top in silver for sale. Size S. Second quality because the print is not as noticeable as in the black one. Price: 20 € + shipping

This cool top is a little late for summer but that does not matter since it is awesome. I have 1 in stock. Fits size S-M because the material is very stretchy and the fit is a bit looser. 
Price: 50 € + shipping

I have 2 of these edgy looking tops in stock. Both fit size S. Top part is mesh. 
Price: 55 € + shipping

This cool mesh fabric I bought from Japan so it is totally cool top to be worn with a belt or high waist skirt. Fits size S. 
Price: 45 € + shipping.

This cool top has slight harness detail to it. Fits best size XS-S. 
Price: 40 € + shipping

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  1. Vau, onpa ihania yläosia!:) Monet kävisivät omaan tyyliin niin hyvin, että valinnan vaikeus meinaisi iskeä. Hienot tuotekuvat, tosi hyvin onnistuneita. ^^