torstai 11. syyskuuta 2014

Keeping it simple

This morning I decided to spend my time making a necklace out out of this pyramid thingy. They are a part of a wrist watch that I bought from my trip to Estonia. Of course I had to shorten the watch because my wrist is really small. But that was a good thing for me because now I was able to make this out of the left over pieces.

 I was thinking of putting some beads to the chain but ended but keeping it simple. I think it looks great the way it is but what do you think? I really like making something new out of recycled materials. You give it another life that way.

I've had this fabric a while from my old work place Muotineule Oy which is a fabric wholesale store in Orivesi. It has snake skin print on it so it has that little something to make it special. I think this fabric was around 16.90 €/meter. Of course I got it cheaper because I was an employee. At that time I did not know what I would make out of it so I bought only 1 meter. And that is the reason why this thing does not have any sleeves. So now it is a vest. I would have been able to make mini sleeves but ended up not putting them on to it because it looked better without. 

I had planned putting more shorter zippers to the vest but they did not look as good as I had hoped. I think I still might add little something metal to the vest as soon as I find out what that something will be. Also I still need to add small hook to the front so that it stays closed while worn. 

(Don't mind that the vest does not sit well on the mannequin since the vest is a bit too big for it.)

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