tiistai 2. syyskuuta 2014

Lots to do

 I'm still sick but I don't seem to be able to lay still when I have so much to do. Still few customer orders need to be finished for the TAFF. I still need to go get fabric and other supply for one skirt and few pairs of nipple pasties. I think I should write everything down that I still need to do so that I don't forget anything.

Well at last the leg harness type 1 is finally here. I have one pair of these in stock! This pair is size M which fits best when your leg circumference is 50-54 cm. This measurement is for the middle part of your thigh. You don't want it to be too loose or too tight. I can make these in any size.

Spikes are acrylic. I did not but any spikes in the backside because it might be quite uncomfortable to sit down with the spikes digging into your leg.
Price for these is 22 €/pair.

I'll be making more different types as soon as my garter clips arrive. Also I might make few without the clip. The clips are quite expensive so the the harnesses without the clip should be slightly cheaper.

I bought this college shirt from H&M and decided to make it more my own looking by screen printing the Ouija board into it. I think it will be good for fall weathers. I wish the sleeves would be longer because that always seems to be the problem for me. That's why I make extra long sleeves for the clothes that I make.

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