sunnuntai 7. syyskuuta 2014

Yesterdays outfit

Well TAFF was last night. I met really interesting people and had fun. The fashion show Latex by Tiina Rikala was really cool and interesting. I missed pole dancing show by Claudia A. Noire because I was eating in the terrace at the same time. Good thing I was able to see her practice run before the event started. I had to be at the Pakkahuone by 18.00 and I was back at home 02.30.

I was able to sell few items from my table. There was not as many sellers than I had thought but then again the event was not just about selling and buying so there would have not been enough room for more sellers. All the sellers have really different kinds of products so there was a nice contrasts between sellers.

 I was really pleased with my full look. I had braided my hair on the other side. I was really happy with the hair. And it still today looks good because I have not washed it yet.

 The vest I had made out of left over fabric from my previous projects. The fabric is taffeta and it has light leopard print on it that you can't really see at least not in the front side because of all the pleating. The vest shifts color from orange to burgundy. The dress was really comfortable to wear all evening/night even thought it was faux leather. Also the shoes were really comfortable and I had no problem carrying all my stuff to Pakkahuone. 

I got lots of help from my friends and I would have not been able to make this happen without them.
I can't wait to see the Taff photo booth pictures taken of me and and my friends. 

Buckle ankle boots: KooKenkä
Vest: by me
Dress: by me

Hair fascinator: by me
Deer necklace: Etsy (I can't remember the seller)
Skull earrings: Asos
Lock bracelet: H&M

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