torstai 11. syyskuuta 2014

House of the flying needles

Finally my Etsy store is starting to pick up steam and sell some Rogue products.
 Big thank you for all buyers!

This thing was so frustrating to make I can tell you that. 
Needles were flying every where. I don't even know how many times stabbed myself with a needle. Yes I said stabbed 'cause that what it felt like. It was horrifying to try this thing on while I had my hair dye on my head. Multitasking is a bitch. So what did we learn? Nothing.

All that to side I think the finished harness looks great. Going with the satin elastic was a right choice. I really like how it shines. I had to sew some elastic vertically to the sides and back so that the spacing would stay even when worn.

 I made this last week and remembered to take a picture of it now. It is also made out of satin elastic. I have few of these for sale. They are sold as one piece and not a pair. I don't think it needs a pair to look complete. These are 12 € + shipping a piece.

More spiky jewelry!  
2 different type of earrings and one necklace. I wanted to keep them very simple for no apparent reason. The spikes are acrylic so they aren't too heavy to be worn on your ear. 
 Earrings are 15 and 10 € a pair and necklace is 8 €. 
I'm going to list these to Etsy and take few pairs to Ateljeekatu. Also you can contact my through email or Facebook if you want to order something.

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