perjantai 5. syyskuuta 2014

Outfits for TAFF

This was a custom order to be worn by my client at Tampere Fetish Factory event on this Saturday. 
I made the vest already last week but then the customer requested a skirt to go with it. She is going to wear it with a corset that she already had and I made everything to go with it. 
 I really like the whole outfit and it looked amazing with the steampunk themed corset that has the same golden/green color to it. 

The skirt is going to look much more puffy when worn with a petticoat. I made the vest so that it can be worn also with normal day wear with a dress or a top and it does not look too extravagant. 

I was really lucky to find this taffeta fabric from Euronkangs because the color is sooooo close to the color on the corset. And it was only 5,90 €/meter! The pleating takes so much time and fabric so it was a good thing that I found a fabric that was that cheap. 

She is going to look so amazing in this. I can't wait to see what other people are wearing.

I super much like this head piece that I made. I think all the shades of brown and green are going together nicely.

 I putted small metal tassels for the nipple pasties so that they look a little bit more burlesque styled. 

 There is also pleating in the back side around the neck and in the hem.

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