keskiviikko 3. syyskuuta 2014


Good morning to all on this very misty day. While preparing to go to TAFF I've also been making something for me. Mr. Grumpy said that today I really should stay in the bed so that I would not be sick on Saturday. Well I did stay in the bed 30 minutes longer after he had left to work. It is 25 minutes longer than yesterday. I don't wanna waste time in bed when I have lots to do. Good thing is that I'm feeling little better this morning than in the last few days.

I made this new printing screen with deer antlers. I clearly like antlers a lot especially deer antlers. 
I was supposed to make this first top before summer but I've lots of other stuff to do so I did not have enough time for everything. But it is finally done!

I used it in two tops. I think I still might use it for one old grey long sleeved shirt that I have in my closet and then I might use it more. Especially now when the weathers are getting colder.

This white top is made by me and I'm going to wear it with black high waist skirt. The fabric for this top I bought from Eurokangas few months back.

 This dark grey top I bought from H&M for 3,75€ I had -25% coupon. I was going to paint the antlers on to the darker version also in black but Misantrella suggested that I should use silver and I think she was absolutely right. This looks very cool with waterfall cardigan and high waist skirt.

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