torstai 17. heinäkuuta 2014


I've always been interested in using newspaper printed fabrics. I've had these fabrics for a long time because I've been saving them. But I decided that it was time to share them with you guys.

This top is one of a kind and it is size S. I will not be able to make more since there is now more fabric. You can request this top in other colors. I'll be selling this sample top price for it is 70 € + shipping

I have 3 of these new paper printed corsets. They have spiral steel boning inside. Normal lacing in the back. 
All three are size 24" I will not be able to make more with this print.
Price: 190 € + shipping

 I also have this black version. I have two of these in stock in size 24" but I can make them in any size.
 Price: 190 € + shipping

You might have seen this picture few months ago with the same lacing in the front than these new ones. This corset is sold out since there is no more of this fabric. I really hate that I'm not able to made many pieces of my products since most of these fabrics are found at Eurokangas and most are too expensive or they are found from fabric bins or the store only has one roll of that fabric and they are not going to have more of it.

Here's one pic of one customer order that I made about a year ago to my friend. She is also wearing a custom made harness on top of the dress. The fabric was from customers own closet.  But I have had this fabric also few years ago and made few tops for sale from it. I wish I still had this fabric since it is very stretchy viscose tricot. I would have so much use for it.

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