maanantai 21. heinäkuuta 2014

Too hot days

It has been really few hot summer days. I know I should be enjoying them but instead I sit in door even thought I have absolutely not interest on sewing something or being creative. Too hot to even think. I'm obviously in dire need of some ice cream. Maybe I really should take a few days of and enjoy the sun. 

Today I went to Ikea by bicycle. I was afraid to get sun burned. And the result is the same like every other summer. Only my arms, back and face gets tanned and my legs are white. I went to Ikea to buy candles for my new candle holder I that I found yesterday at a park flea market. These candle holders were only 2 € for both!!! I rarely find something as cool as this at flea markets. 

I know that H&M Home has very similar kind ones if you are interested. And if somebody does not already know you can find H&M Home at Ideapark in Lempäälä or of course the H&M web store.

I was with my friends trying to sell some old clothes at there. But only actual stuff got sold. It was too hot for people to try clothes on. And obviously our target audience was not there since there ere lots of people with their their small children.

Other flea market find was this jewelry stand. It was also a really nice price. 2,50 € for it does not sound too bad for me. Slowly but surely our flat is coming together. Almost all the furniture have been 50-60 % off since all most all furniture stores have had summer sales.

And then other things.
Two T-shirts with fly cameo print.
White one is size XS and grey one is size S but size they are really loose fitting the XS will fit M and the S will fit up to L. Both are cotton tricot. Both T-shits are on sale 15 € + shipping!

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