keskiviikko 9. heinäkuuta 2014

Lumous and other things

Lots of new products!

New apartment and no furniture. Thank god I have a table for the sewing machine so I'm able to do some work in this mess. I still need ceiling lamp. Good thing is that it is summer and the sun is shining  so that it is not too dark in my "office". We still need kitchen table, couch, table for mister Grumpy to use for his computer on, grill for our balcony and more lamps and carpets. My money goes bye bye...

Last Saturday was Lumous Dark Market and many of you bought my products from my table.  It was a long day after a long night of partying but I managed to wake up early enough. Some headbands, jewelry, tops and tote bags were sold. 

It was so so so nice to see many of you wearing my clothes, jewelry or accessories in Lumous. It was such an honor. Many people that bought items from me on Saturday wore them on Saturday evening or on Sunday at the Gothnic (picnic).

Finally the tops, skirts and tote bag that I have made with Bones & Lilies are ready to be shipped out for you guys. I will put them to Etsy for sale but you can also buy them by sending me a message on my Facebook page or be emailing me. 

Then some new products. Embroidered hair clips. Only 6 € + shipping a piece!

Also embroidered lace necklaces. This butterfly costs 20 € + shipping and the bat is 15 € + shipping. You can also request either piece on a headband since they would look super awesome.

Long insect necklace. Price for this is 8 € + shipping. 

 And the some more hair accessories. This spike headband costs 10 € + shipping.

I have lots of new sample pieces that I'll be posting in few days. Most of them are S/M size since they are samples. I also have new harnesses coming up so stay tuned...

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