maanantai 28. heinäkuuta 2014

Making it new

I bought this used white T-shirt from Misantrella a week ago at the flea market in Sorsapuisto. The shirt cost only 2 € even thought it seemed to be unused. I decided to put the Ouija print to it to make it more me. It is nice to make something old or used all new and wearable. 

This morning I renewed a chiffon blouse and a organza blouse that I had bought from second hand store Helga neiti and the other one was from Tii. I cut the sleeves of and made the blouses smaller. 

I still have few unused H&M tops that I bought last week. They were 2,90 € a piece. I just need to make new screens for the prints. I haven't even done the prints yet or bought the frames.
I think I would like the other one to be some kind of Egypt/Illuminati type and the other one could be an occult one. 

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