perjantai 18. heinäkuuta 2014

More ouija stuff

I really should write better headlines for new posts.. :D It is so not my forte. I've been using my time on decorating our apartment. We actually have now curtains in every window. Today I'll be making a trip to Ikea to get a table for mister Grumpy's computer. There's still lots to do since I would like to DIY some of the decorations so that I will fell more like my home. 

I actually already made one lamp out of a bird cage. The bird cage has small owls on the sides so they reflect shadows on the wall really nicely. I'm dreaming of making some kind of headboard for our bed. I just need to find a fabric that is not white because my hair will make it look yellow and we really don't want that. I want the fabric to have at least some kind of print on it. But mostly the problem lies with the fact that most of the fabrics are 150 cm wide and the headboard needs to be 160 cm + extra that you need to actually be able to staple the fabric on to the board. So the print need be neutral so that that the fabric can be used horizontally.

 I'll be posting picture of the whole apartment when we are finally done.  I don't know when that will be, but hopefully soon. 

Enough about that. I have new Ouija products again. Ouija printed tops in sizes S-L and tote bags that measure 30 cm x 40 cm. 

Top costs 25 € + shipping.

This tote bag is made out of 100 % cotton. 
Price: 15 € + shipping.

There's also new beanies available for you that want to go work out in the fall or just use it when the weather get colder. It is made out of stretchy cotton tricot. Price: 15 € + shipping.

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