keskiviikko 29. lokakuuta 2014

Waiting for Halloween

Few simple new clothes that I had to take pictures for you. Can't wait for Friday since it is Halloween part 2 for me. I'm having a party at my apartment. Still lots to do but at least my outfit is finally done. I'll post pictures of it on Saturday or Sunday. Lots to do before the party. Cleaning, cooking and making decorations.

Well I do of course have new pics about new pieces that I have made. Yes they are all for me and no you can't have them. Keep calm and keep reading.

Yes I used again this pleating technique. But I'm so in love with it. Even thought it drives me nuts. I wish I had more of this fabric so that I would have been able to make the pleating to all the way down. But I only had a small piece and the pleating takes 3 times the length that I would normally need. Well I really like it anyways.

Since it is fall you can't go anywhere without a cardigan or something with long sleeves. Well this has the sleeves but the fabric in not very warm but I made it anyways. At least it is ready when I might need this.

 I like that the fabric has at least some kind of effect on it so that it is not too boring. 

I wanted to make just a simple mesh shirt since I was not able o find this kind anywhere. This also is not for the fall weathers but who cares. I've already worn it twice and frozen myself but it was worth it.

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