lauantai 1. marraskuuta 2014

Halloween part 2

I totally forgot to take pictures of my outfit with my camera so I only have these not so good quality cellphone camera photos. But lets make the best of these photos that I do have.

After weeks of thinking what my outfit would be I ended up with this demon outfit. I think it looks great. The pants, top, vest and the sleeves are by me. I wanted to make the pieces to that they could be used as a normal day wear separately of course since they might be a bit over the to worn together.
The horns are also painted by me but they were originally bought from Etsy. 

The amazing make up was done by Maano. I have no idea what my hair is supposed to be or look like but I didn't have a clear plan what I was going to do with it.

The pants, sleeves and the vest are faux leather. Which was bough from Euronkangas for 13.90€/meter. The vest also has the same kind of "spikes" on the back going upwards.
For the top I used some left over fabric, acrylic spikes and some strap. I was planing on wearing a corset on top of the top but I wanted to be comfortable since the pants were already too hot to wear in doors with other people and not enough air.

What do you think of my demonic alter ego? I even had a frigging chicken leg around my neck.  


I ended up chancing the other contact lens to a white one to make it look more freaky.

I wore my new heelless ankle boots with this Halloween outfit too. Since they are mega comfortable to wear. I had no problem dancing around with these in the Aussiebar.  

We were able to get in to the Aussiebar for free since we had costumes on.

Yesterday's best party song.

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