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New samples at Ateljeekatu

I've been making my Halloween outfit but in the meantime I wanted to post about these fall pieces.
My Halloween pants are done but the jacket that I was making yesterday might end up being just sleeves or just a vest. Since I felt that I would be too hot with the pants and with the jacket. So we will see what my outfit will be since I don't know yet. 

So these items are sold at Ateljeekatu. There is only 1 one each and they are all size S.

This vest is really nice and warm these wall soon to be winter weathers. The fur is nice and smooth and it comes with this cool chain brooch. It has a slight high collar so that it looks more elegant. The lining is made out of college fabric so that it is not slippery and it is even warmer that way. The color is dark grey with different tones. 

Omg! Is that color that I'm seeing? 
Yes I did a dress with actual colors and not just shades of grey. For some reason I got this urge to make a dress out of plaid fabric. (Maybe the reason was that I was reading Nana from Ai Yazawa) 
I really wanted to use the signature red plaid. So this is what I came up with.

Lots and lots of ruffles that are hand sewn. There is a zipper on left side. The plaid has a slight stretch to it.

I combined the dress with the pyramid stud belt to give it more punk / Vivienne Westwood type of feel to it. 

I made this collar in the back so that there is some kind of surprise element in there. 

And even more colors. And more plaid.
I made this dress first and then the red one. This Dress also looks great with the pyramid stud belt. The dress also has a zipper on the side. The collar looks great on my opinion.

I still have this blue/green plaid so I'll be making a third dress.

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